Weekend Program

Snowboard Weekend Program

Goals and Skills

The Weekend Program is designed for snowboarders from ages 8-19 who love to ride, have a desire to learn competition skills, and want to improve their snowboarding. Snowboard athletes ride with a CVA coach on weekends and vacation weeks from December to March, 9:30 am - 2 pm.

The primary goals of the Weekend Program are to:

  • Improve individual skills within the sport of competitive snowboarding with an emphasis on fun.
  • Provide positive encouragement to promote lifelong participation.
  • Focus on fundamental skills as the building blocks for success.
  • Develop future champions for our full time CVA program.
Is my child ready for the CVA Weekend Program? A common question, often the answer is yes! As long as your child has a mastery of the following skills, they can build on those skills each weekend in our program.
  • Athletes should be prepared to ride varied terrain and parks
  • Athlete can ride the chairlift without adult assistance.
  • Heel and Toe turn down all blue trails.
  • Be willing and able to try all steeps, trees, bumps, park features, trees, and racing venues.
  • Able to commit to our schedule, at least attending every other weekend and half of vacation weeks.
Our program is competition based and we ask every athlete to compete in at least one competition.


Snowboard weekend program athletes must have a soft boot, park, or all mountain snowboard set up. In addition, you can have competition specific setups: boarder cross, slalom and giant slalom.


Registration information can be found on the Weekend Program homepage, here.


2023-24 Snowboard Weekend Program Winter Season $2144.

Full payment is required upon registration.

Please Note: The rates shown are cash discounted prices and apply to eCheck payments only. Credit card payments are the non-cash price and are 4% higher.

If you choose to pay by echeck - You will see the non cash price listed until you choose "SUBMIT" in the payment portal.

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